Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey, What Kind of stuff are they learning in school?

Overlying Questions for Modern World History
These questions are the foundations for specific units but can be reviewed time and time again as the year progresses and knowledge of the world expands.

How is our world connected?  (See National Geographic site)
  • Using National Standards of geo-literacy a geo-literate individual is able to reason about the ways that people and places are connect to each other across time and space.

We should be able to:
  • analyze digital and paper maps of a place or thematic topic and construct geographic questions to investigate issues.
  • analyze current trends in population and constructing geographic questions to investigate the sources and future projections of the trends.
  • analyze a current news report and construct questions that would provide a focus or resolution of the topic or issue.
  • know what interactions and interconnections determine what outcomes of actions.

When we integrate and evaluate of multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media  we can address a question or solve a problem.

Sample Questions from the curriculum

  • How has citizenship developed over time?
  • What style of leadership best fits the needs of future governance?
  • If you could explain why 3 moments in modern world history matter to an audience, what stories would be most important? What artifacts would you rely upon for this collection?

  • How would you change an unjust government?
  • What costs and benefits result from a global reaction to a revolutionary idea?
  • Why is democracy growing worldwide?
  • How should governments balance the rights of minorities with the power of the majority?
  • How does tradition survive change?
  • How prepared are you for living and surviving in a global network?
  • What are the implications for reliance on or discover of valued resources?
  • How should people work to make the world a better place?
  • How has trade shaped the world over time?

Other Skills
document analysis of a variety of sources and materials
identify more than one point of view
develop meaningful questions
debate discuss and concur.
improve and strengthen writing with specific evidence.

For a detailed curriculum, send me an email or leave a comment. I'm happy to share.

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