Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pie for PI Day

March 14th, 3.14, PI day is not just a celebratory day for math lovers, schools and rocket scientists. It can be a great day for the populace to gather over communal pie and discuss truly enlightening ideas. Due to weather and scheduling of events our school Pie/ PI celebration came early. Our public school volunteers actually call themselves P.I.E., Partners In Education. The director organizes businesses and parents to donate pies for the all day, all you can eat fund raiser. People come, they drink coffee, they jam on musical instruments, they chat about math and other things.
A few of us spend the night prior to Pie/ PI day posting failures and successes on Facebook. The virtual gathering is fun. My mother never impaired me with pie making skills or secrets. Many friends are in the same situation, living far away from family. We post pictures, recipes, questions and jokes. We drink wine. This year we got creative.  I will never be able to match that apple pie made by the grandmothers who have done it forever so I found myself a lovely blue cheese, sweet potatoe bacon pie. Or I made up the combination myself, I can not remember. 
Regardless, no two pies have to be the same. 
We differentiate between sweet and savory choices.
We supply endless pots of coffee and served over two hundred slices of pie.
Like the number PI, we were able to encourage infinite possibilities for the future of our education. 

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