Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Just a quick push for some blog favorites. I'm so busy watching the Olympics and tweeting at the same time, I really can't focus on anything else!  Vermont has a number of athletes attending and several of them are from my area in the northern region. Even better, I coached and hovered behind coaches who worked with these athletes since they were in elementary school. I basically grew up, learning to be a better educator because of these kids and my fellow coaches. 

This is a blog by my husband and 1998 Olympian, Marc Gilberston. His focus is still on skiing. He is currently racing in the Canadian Ski Marathon. But he also makes time to meet with a colleague and librarian each week to help our school keep a heads up on tech changes.
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This girl started as a fantastic high school runner but quickly became much more. She went to Burke Academy, was coached by Matt Whitcomb and they went on in ski racing. He is currently the  US team coach at the. Olympics!   

I watched the Opening Ceremonies, started tweeting and following skiers. Liz Stephen was my first choice.  Her blog is beautiful. The pictures make me feel like... an Olympian!

What a great week for a senior at our high school to share her story with the younger grades. Olympian effort shows up in many places. Anytime someone is striving to be swifter, smarter, stronger, deserves a podium.  This student spent a year raising $13,000.00 to live for a semester in Ecuador as a student in a sustainable development program. And now she prepares to bike across the US.  She gave our school a TED TAlk style Question and Answer presentation in the comfort of our library. Check her world out.

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