Monday, September 3, 2012

Activities- ramilletes,festival & tradition

I didn't realize that I looked so intense.
What I have learned out here in Santa Fe is that tradition and culture is very much a prominent part of peoples' daily lives.  Everyone embraces art, experiments, practices and creates.  I see things I hold in awe and projects that are down right goofy.  But there is no right or wrong, only practice.
When Spanish colonials moved to New Mexico, fresh flowers for the home were difficult to come by. Not to forgo tradition, colonists took scraps of paper, cloth, anything and fashioned them into flowers to decorate a mantel, a table, a woman's rebozo or the hair.  

shiny paper added gave it a sparkly effect. we did not have this handy.  
But one could quickly fill a room with flowers. Once the process is mastered. 

And the end result is... stunning.
Traditions give people a sense of style. A sense of identity to embrace at any age.
see this story of this young artist at Spanish Market & the how to instructional

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