Sunday, August 26, 2012

They do things different here

I think that the custom of bringing a child to school is wonderful and I am fortunate to be able to have the time and means of transportation to do this. My daughter and I are living 1/2 mile from school. Weather permitting, we bike each day and avoid the chaos of the drive and drop off.  In Vermont, our family would park in Hyde Park village and walk  a short way to school.  The walk was
brief, giving me a mental and physical moment of exercise.  I love holding my daughter's hand and leaving her on a positive note.  Our school in New Mexico does offer a public bus but many parents are able to drop off and pick up.  A small number of students bike and today I discovered a small number of people who can pick up their child by horse.  It isn't done each day but seems to be customary because many students ran to the horse yelling, "we missed you."   

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